Hello! My name is Kimberly and if you’re looking for a photographer in Calgary (or abroad) – I’m your gal.

I bring humour and a lot of fun to every photoshoot. I love working with children and I’ve been known to make the grumpiest of people smile.

My main focus in every session is to make my clients feel comfortable enough to let their true personalities shine – I promise I won’t be stealing any souls with each snap.

I shoot (almost) everything and am constantly pushing myself to take on projects that are outside of my comfort zone.

On a personal note, I spend many hours volunteering at a Calgary based animal rescue. I have two furry BFF’s of my own. Scout is a shepard mix who was rescued from a ditch in Saskatchewan and Boo is a three-legged chihuahua from California. My house is full of misfits and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If my photos speak to you, please contact me! I’m all ears.